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Creative Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

The 4th of July is coming up, celebrating the ratification of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Are you looking for fun, unique activities for your Independence Day celebration this year?

You know all about fireworks shows and barbecues, so we won’t waste your time with those—but more power to you if you plan to partake! If you’re looking for even more ways to celebrate freedom while embracing the historic nature of this federal holiday, we’ve got you covered.

Create Your Own Parade

There is bound to be an Independence Day parade in your neck of the woods, but you can also create one yourself. Get some neighbors, friends, and family and bust out your best decorating skills. Bikes, wagons, and strollers are the perfect wheeled objects for a patriotic pomp and parade. Just make sure you adorn them with red, white, and blue balloons, streamers, flags…you name it. This one is always a favorite with the kids. You can even have a “float”-decorating party or designate a grand prize winner.

Enjoy Outdoor Movie Night

Nighttime isn’t just for fireworks displays. You can transform your backyard into an open-air theater for an outdoor movie night featuring films that celebrate the history and values of the United States. Arrange comfortable seating, string up twinkling lights, and serve popcorn and classic American snacks. Then sit back and enjoy the summer evening with the ones you love, a great movie, and maybe even a drink or two.

Host a Glow Party

As we said, there are many activities that can take place at night on the 4th of July. If fireworks are a little too much for your kids—or if they’re not allowed in your area—then a glow party may be your solution. You can use glow-in-the-dark paint on T-shirts or each other, and add sparklers, LED lights, or glow sticks for the ultimate head-to-toe glow-fest.

Have a Patriotic Potluck

There are barbecues…and then there are patriotic potlucks! That’s right: Make red, white, and blue the theme of your 4th of July get-together. Assign guests appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, or drinks, and then watch the fun—and creativity—begin. Think strawberry, blueberry, and marshmallow fruit skewers, tri-colored drinks, and onion dip with red and blue chips. You get the picture!

Write Letters to Heroes

Independence Day is a wonderful time to express our appreciation for those who fight or have fought for this country’s freedom. Whether they’re veterans, currently serving, or even deployed overseas, you can create a list of military service members who would enjoy receiving a letter of thanks. You can write the letters as a pre-holiday activity, or during your own 4th of July celebrations.

Don’t know many military personnel? That’s okay. Organizations like Operation Gratitude and A Million Thanks can connect you to heroes near and far.

Snap Away

It’s a pretty good bet that everyone will have their cameras (aka smartphones!) on them as they celebrate the 4th of July. So put them to good use. You can do patriotic-themed fashion shows, or contests to see who can do the coolest moves off the diving board. These activities can produce some priceless, and sometimes hilarious, snaps for years to come.

You can even create a patriotic backdrop for an Instagram-worthy event. At night, take out your sparklers and your long exposure setting to capture some pro-worthy images of yourself and your loved ones doing the holiday up in style.

However you choose to celebrate the holiday this year, our team wishes you and yours a wonderful and meaningful 4th of July.

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