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Four Tips for Buying a Home in 2022

The first secret I’d share with any potential buyer is to get pre-approved. This is really putting the cart before the horse if you don’t so taking a moment to apply and find out what you’re looking to buy and have a foundation for that is imperative.

The second secret is to not only get pre-approved but fully approved if at all able. The housing market right now is incredibly competitive right now so the more one is ready and prepared to make an offer, with the strength of full underwriting approval versus not definitely has a stronger chance of getting accepted.

My third tip is be responsive! When the agent, lender or escrow asks for something ensure it is sent within 24 hours of success. This often can shorten the overall escrow period, which again would increase one’s chances of getting their offer accepted.

My fourth tip is patience and resilience. You may not get your offer accepted on the first house you see however be active, keep a pulse on the market, don’t give up but don’t settle either. Be realistic and the perseverance will in fact pay off at the right time on the right home.

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