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Hindsight Can Be 20/20

Hindsight can often be 20/20 and this certainly appears to be one of those circumstances.

This is an excerpt from MBS Highway and Barry Habib’s analysis from last Thursday which was just before the jobs numbers on Friday. Quite a bit has changed in the last few days in our interest rate environment and since, we have been getting alerts to lock in interest rates due to the market’s volatility.

I have had quite a few conversations over the last 24 hours as it pertains to our changing rate environment. This is reminiscent of what we saw in third -fourth quarter in 2018. Rates then did go up a bit and it certainly had a slight effect on our market as a result. Most have forgotten about that particular rate environment however that was only three years ago. Please do check out the previous posts surrounding this as I’ve put out a few blog posts (and vlogs) concerning the market as most in this industry saw this coming under the blog section. If you have any questions pertaining to any of this, please do shoot me a message. LASTLY and probably most importantly. If you’re in the real estate or mortgage industry and don’t subscribe to MBSHighway I definitely recommend it. Barry and his team are truly phenomenal and they bring a ton of insight and knowledge to our field that is incredibly helpful to ensure that we as professionals are fully informed on the changes within equity indices.

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